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Fixing Front Screen Door

We needed to have ventilation through the house but didn't want the front door wide open. The only screen door we had was from the back door but it was slightly shorter than the front door. After adding some new screening and hardware, we had a functioning door we could hook shut. It made a really neat "bang" sound when the spring pulled it shut.

We had plans to bring our biscuit cutter down from WV and add an extension on the bottom of the door.

Neighbor Lamar shared a story with us about a snake getting trapped between his screen and front doors. I don't think that would have been a problem for us.

Fixing Roof Leaks

One day while we were inspecting the attic, we noticed we could see daylight at the top corner of the roof. Jim got creative with the scaffolding, some extension ladders and a bunch of rope. Elizabeth stood by on the ground with camera in one hand (documenting the event) and cell phone (ready to dial 911) in the other.

Moving Front Sidewalk

When the house was built in 1895 the road in front of the house dead-ended at the cemetery that can barely be seen in the distance. Over time, the street was connected to the main road to the south, paved, and became a favorite route for rush hour traffic. No one now dared to stop on the street except the City Marshall (who dropped off our tax statement receipt one day). We decided to remove the front sidewalk and discourage stopping in the street. The plan called for the sidewalk to connect the porch with the driveway. Looking around at our neighbors homes, we saw that they also had over time removed their sidewalks to the street.