Pulling Down a Chimney

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We believe the chimney was built on the back of this room when the kitchen was moved indoors. Once again the Georgia Tractor (actually our Chevrolet truck) was useful. We hooked a long rope to the back of the truck and to the chimney top. This raised the rear wheels of the truck off the ground loosing traction so we used 4-wheel drive.

Drat. Only the top broke off.

A timber was dropped into chimney and the rope was reattached. This time the chimney came down in a cloud of dust.

The chimney brick was needed to veneer the new concrete block foundation, so we began cleaning all the old brick. Old mortar contained little cement so the mortar separates from the brick quite easily.

Two dumpsters were needed to remove the old debris. What lumber was not salvageable, was tossed into the dumpster. Neighbor Dave was invited to toss in his old tree stump.

Out comes the old bathroom plumbing. Again we used the truck to pull the sewer pipe from the ground.

Miss Pinky's old 300 pound cast iron tub was saved to be put back in the new bathroom. The new modern fiberglass tubs wouldn't hold the heat as well as this one.

The main reason for removing the rear of the house was termite damage. Termites had found their way into the attic. In the image can be seen where they completely destroyed timbers. Below can be seen remains of their mud trails they built to avoid daylight.

Terminex was invited over to surround the house with bait stations and treat the soil under the old kitchen where the termites were active.

Tearing out the old kitchen cupboards took the big prybar. Look at the number of nails they drove into this board holding the kitchen cupboards to the ceiling.