Painting an Historic Home - East Wall

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This image shows where squirrels had tried to chew their way into the house. At one time azaleas reached above this height. After fixing and painting, one would never know this spot existed. Below we installed scaffolding on the east wall in preparation for painting that side.

We don't have enough scaffolding parts to cover the entire east wall. We finished what part we could reach and then moved our operation sideways. We tried to make the change in a logical place so there would be minimum overlap problems with the paint. Jim was in charge of surface prep. The house had been pressure washed before we purchased it. Bits of old wood cover the old window glass. We do not recommend this as a method of removing old paint. It gave the clapboards a fuzzy surface. We first scraped and wire brushed off any loose paint. (This can be seen under the window.) Then Jim took his new favorite power tool - a Craftsman contour sander to the boards. The sander conformed to the curved surface of the old clapboards. He then took an air compressor nozzle and blew off all the dust.

Below is Jim applying the new color changing spackling to the clapboard imperfections. The lavender tinted compound dries white.

Hanging drip rail and a 1x2 finishing board.

Jim is being creative with rope and tiedowns to reach the squirrel hole. To finish the porch preparation, Jim cantilevered a plank beyond the scaffolding to reach the corner. Note he is sitting some distance beyond the scaffolding edge. The green spot is a Bondo-like material used to fill one of many squirrel holes.

Below Elizabeth is not taking a nap on the plank but painting underneath a board.

The east side of the house is completely painted and we are taking down our scaffolding.