Starting the John Deere 60

Jim and John (Elizabeth's older brother who had used the tractor on Grandpa's farm) discuss seized engine. The tractor had sat idle for a considerable length of time and the engine had seized. When the engine would not turn over, we first expected starter failure. However, after removing the starter and seeing that it worked properly, we concluded the engine was seized. We thought of trying to pull it and engaging the clutch, but we have heard horror stories of breaking gears using this technique.

William (middle brother and pervious owner of the JD) Getting Serious With Seized Engine. We made a jig that we could use to turn the flywheel. To give us some extra torque, William procured a piece of pipe to add leverage. After rocking the flywheel several times and soaking the cylinders with oil, we were able to free the engine.

Jim Perplexed With it All

Even after we were able to turn over the engine with the tractor's starter, it still would not cooperate.

William and Jim Go Back to the Books

Jim and William are looking at the service manual and operator's manual trying to figure out why they could not get the tractor to fire. We replaced electrical components (plugs, points, etc.) and gave each cylinder a shot of starting fluid.

Starts With a Little Smoke - Happy Day!