Expert John Deere Repairs

After conceding that we could not repair the power steering ourselves in our driveway, we elected to take it to our "local" Carmichael's John Deere dealership across the river in Ohio. We had discussed the problem with their service people and one of their mechanics had corrected a similar problem on his personal tractor. In the photo above Jim is squeezing the tractor onto the trailer. There is less than an inch of clearance on either side.

We wanted to make sure that there was little fuel remaining in the fuel tank when we took the tractor to the shop. We knew from past experience that the fuel tank must be removed to work on the power steering. However, we apparently miscalculated and allowed the tractor to get too low on fuel to start. The mechanic helped us put some fuel in the tractor to get it off the trailer and into their shop.

The mechanic drives off in our tractor toward the repair shop. It was sounding pretty bad and was backfiring which we had not seen it do before. We pretty much told them to call us when it is running and can be steered.

In the shop the mechanic and Jim discuss the prognosis. We were in no hurry for them to work on the tractor as it is in a cozy shop whereas it would be sitting in our driveway if it were home.