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2-Mirror Cellscopes
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Teleidoscopes are simply several mirrors placed alongside each other with open-ended chambers. The viewer looks through the scope at the world around them and sees portions of it reflected. For this instrument, one does not have to fill the object chamber with pre-selected materials. It is amazing how common backgrounds can look spectacular through a Teleidoscopes. Floral fabric, for example, makes a great viewing surface.

Eyepiece lenses are not normally used as the focusing distance is unknown.

The mirrors should have glass on both ends to keep out dust etc. These scopes may use a lens on the far end to provide a distorted view.

The best example we have ever seen of a teleidoscope is on the main street in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Here, the scope is placed above a pot of rotating flowers.

Above is a collection of agates or stained geodes that could be fractured for kaleidoscope materials. (We can't bring ourselves to the point of destroying them even for the sake of a higher power of obtaining object chamber materials.)

Anyway, the image below is taken of the grouping through a Teleidoscope.