We visited Jamestown Settlement on May 8, 2007. As it turned out, May 14 would mark 400 years since a group of Virginia Company explorers would land on this island 60 miles up the James River from the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. This spot was selected because the river channel was deep near the shore and ships could tie up close to shore.

We also discovered that President Bush would be there on May 14th for a celebration and there was a flurry of activity setting up the stage for his appearance. Workers at the settlement had to be on their station around 6:00 a.m. so his security people could do their thing. We also found here was no room at the inn where we were staying in town because it was taken over by state troopers.

Pocahontas Bronze Fingers Worn from Touching

Pocahontas was a daughter of local Indian Chief Powhatan. We learned that Pocahontas did not marry John Smith. However, he claimed that she saved his life on two occasions and she is depicted as throwing her body over his to protect him.

She actually married John Rolfe of the settlement and had a son Thomas, She converted to Christianity and traveled to England where she died and is buried.