Peaks of Otter

We spent several days at the Peaks of Otter during October 2010. The park is located at Milepost 86 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The lodge is part of a string of places to stay along the parkway. Our introduction to the area was a Sunday brunch at the restaurant which was about as good as it gets.

The area is under the auspice of the National Park Service.

Sharp Top Mountain has an elevation of 3875 feet and was once thought to be the highest point in Virginia. Virginia's stone in the Washington Monument came from here as a tribute to one of its favorite sons--George Washington.

The image at right was taken from the lodge at Peaks of Otter. We had a second floor unit and the view was beautiful.

The peak at right is known as Sharp Top.

Abbott Lake

We took a shuttle which goes part way up the mountain. This bus ride was perhaps the most exciting part of our visit to Otter Peak. After dropping us off, we hiked the remaining 1500 feet on rocky Sharp Top Trail to the summit.

When we arrived at the top, a young marine was presenting an engagement ring to his girlfriend who offered an apology to him for all of the previous lies she had told him--hmmm.

View of Otter Peak Lodge from Sharp Top Mountain