Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

This wood truck was seen in the parking lot at Mabry Mill. We chatted with its owner for a while. Understandably, the owner appreicated the attention his creation attracted.

We were impressed with the wood hood ornament, hubcaps, and wood tow chain stored in the truck bed.

Spinning Wheel at Mabry Mill

We are always attracted to tools used for creating fiber. This spinning wheel was seen at Mabry Mill. After studying it for awhile, we guessed it to be of new construction made to look old. The spindle we were told by the staff was reworked to a simpler direct drive system instead of the accelerating head normally seen. What really drew our attention were the acorns carved into the ends of all the posts.

Other items of interest at the mill stones from a quarry in Blacksburg, Virginia.

The day we visited the Museum the staff was showing groups of school kids how looms and spinning wheels are a collection of simple machines. It wasn't until after they left we noticed that the loom was one of the rocker beater looms. Its name is derived from the rocker or cradle-like rocker that supports the beater. As it turns out, Elizabeth owns one of these looms, the 38th one found in America. After all the kids had left, we got a change to talk to the staff about the loom and the study done about them.

The weavers had just cut a project off the loom, hence the bedraggled looking string heddles. Next year a new project will be threaded and the weaving will begin again.

Rocker Beater Loom
Rocker Beater Loom

Lunch at Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill is one of several places to eat along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There was a considerable wait for a table since it was peak leaf season, but we were given a pager which permitted us to wander about the grounds and capture photos of the area until our table was available.

We were fortunate by being assigned the table by a window. Our waitress took this image, but the camera didn't process the contrasty image as we would like.