PT Cruisers on Blue Ridge Parkway

We were not traveling in a PT Cruiser, but in our Lincoln LS seen here. However, we do have a soft spot for PT Cruisers.

Rain had fallen the previous evening which brought down some colorful leaves, but the dampness made fall colors pop.


This is an old stone church near Callaway, Virginia. There a number of stone churches in this area similarly built. We were told there were a number of churches like this that were built by the same immigrant stone mason.

We climbed to the observation level of this old fire lookout tower. It is perched on a lofty knob with a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Rail fences are plentiful along the parkway and there are as many designs as there are fences and all designed to contain livestock.

View along the Blue Ridge Parkway

In the image, jim composes a scene along the parkway. Colors were better in certain parts of the drive and seemed to have a lot to do with elevation and micro-climate conditions. The colors here aren't ideal, but the view was awesome.

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