George Rogers Clark

The Fair at New Boston is held at George Rogers Clark Park near Dayton, Ohio. We visited the park during September 2009.

George Rogers Clark, brother to the Clark of Lewis and Clark fame, rose to the rank of general in the Revolutionary War. He was never defeated in battle and is credited with adding perhaps five states to the union. He was commander in charge of raids on Kaskaskia, Cabokla, and Vincennes in 1788-79. He was victor at Peckuwe in 1780.

In the above image, a Reenactor tells the story about the life and times of George Rogers Clark. The general spent his own money on supplies for his troops which was never repaid to him by his government and his creditors seized his personal property. He died at the home of his sister in Locust Grove, Kentucky, in 1818, at the age of 66..

Dyed Fabric For Sale

Elizabeth recently completed a dye class at John C. Campbell Folk School and was especially attracted to the lovely dyed fabric hanging on this line. The vendor indicated they were all dyed and printed with natural dyes.

Street Vendor

In the above image the vendor discusses his wares with a potential customer. We liked the little wagon used to haul his merchandise about.

Food at The Fair at New Boston

There was a lot of food for sale at the fair. There was no Coca-Cola or the like here — only vittles that were consumed at the time period. We especially enjoyed the lemonade on a hot day that we visited the fair.


Many — if not most — of the folks here were in period costume. This was perhaps the largest gathering we have ever attended where the campers were quite serious about being authentic to the time period. This included what they wore, what they were cooking, and the crafts they were demonstrating.

Entertainment for all

Not sure what to call the entertainment, but there was audience participation and the crowd certainly enjoyed it.

Reenactors in Period Clothing

In the image above can be seen a couple watching the talk given by George Rogers Clark . The image on the right is of a man installing a new split-oak seat in a ladder-back chair.


We were really impressed by the several blacksmiths at the fair. Jim has taken several blacksmith courses but never saw a side-draft forge shown here. The forges he has seen in the past are designed so the air enters from the bottom of the coals. However, in the portable forge above, air enters from the side. Bellows are beyond the fire box. We also liked the wagon on which the forge could easily be moved about.

Child With Violin and Lady

We were very impressed with this beautiful child playing his violin — and he did quite well at it. His costume was just great.

Blanket Trader

There were vendors and there were blanket traders. Each had their separate areas in the campground. Blanket traders sell their wares from blankets spread upon the ground before them.

The man in the foreground is pouring molten metal into a form. When the mold is cooled, it is then separated and a spoon is extracted. The person in the background removes the seams formed by the mold. Several spoons are lying on the seat and table before them.

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