Jekyll Island

We were on Jekyll Island during the off season during January 2009 when motel rates were low. We decided to splurge and stay in a motel on the beach which we don't normally do. The Days inn had a reasonable rate so we got a room on the Atlantic Ocean side of the motel and even selected the second floor so we could see the ocean over a small dune behind the motel. It was a great choice. A nice breakfast room on the second floor provides an opportunity to watch sunrise while sipping coffee in comfort.

The above image shows Jim carrying his precious camera and tripod and returning to the motel after photographing a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from Jekyll Island. It was cold but I took off my coat to wrap my camera because I wasn't comfortable with salt spray from the ocean getting on the camera. I took a plastic bag from the motel for our next outing.

We chose to spend our first morning on the sand by the surf. A search of the internet provided time of sunrise. Setting our alarm slightly before sunrise, we found our way to the beach and prepared to photograph a ball of fire peeking over the Atlantic. Our effort was rewarded with a great sunrise. Elizabeth used our Nikon P5100 and Jim had the Nikon D300 on a tripod. We must have taken a hundred exposures firing rapidly until we began to worry that it may not be a good idea to point our cameras at a bright sun.