Saturn V Rocket in the Exhibit Area shows the huge size of the booster. The exhibit shows the exploded stages and inner workings. The top image is Stage 3 having a single nozzle. The picture on the right shows Saturn V's First Stage nozzles.

We have always appreciated the Lunar Lander and wondered what would have happened if they landed on a hillside or the pads had broken through a crust.

Space Capsule

This retrieved capsule shows scorch marks caused by the heat of reentry. Elizabeth can be seen on the right-hand side. The capsule is larger than Jim thought it would be.

As we were leaving, Jim spotted the opportunity to take a photo of the moon next to the American flag. The missile is a Saturn which can be seen on the seft.

Rocket Park
Rocket Park

Located on the groundsat Huntsville is a display of boosters used in America's space program.

We were given a presentation on the new spacecraft. Above is a view of a future personnel module. The presenter gave us a visual description of how space toilets work--actually more information than we really needed!

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