Coon Dog Cemetery

When Jim's first cousin Joy Belle learned that we were in this area, she recommended we visit Coon Dog Cemetery.

This Coon Dog Cemetery is the only one of its kind. It was began when "Troop" died. Troop was Key Underwood's coon dog. When the dog died, Mr. Underwood thought about a place to bury his friend. It occurred to him that Troop should be laid to rest at their favorite coon hunting place. On 4 September 1937 this memorial garden began when Troop was laid to rest.

Troop's Monument

This fine monument is placed here for Troop. It is a tree broken off indicating its premature termination of life. Two coon dogs bay at its base.

Unfortunately, the memorial must be encased behind a chain link fence with coiled razor wire at its top. Vandals destroyed the first monument. Following the vandalism, this stone was donated by a monument maker.

We like this marker. It contains the collar of its owner. Only coon dogs can be buried in this cemetery. There are no lap dogs or poodles here.

To enforce the rules and preserve a tradition, each interment is witnessed by a member of the local coon-hunting club.

Coon Dog Cemetery
Moma's Marker