We elected to visit Disney World near Orlando, Florida during Christmas 2007. We supposed there would be great light displays and we were not disappointed. However, there were tens of thousands of visitors from all over the planet that had the same idea.

We had our local AAA office make arrangements for us at Disney. We opted for their 6-night and 7-day package. We had our schedule of theme park tours scheduled and restaurant reservation in our hands before we departed.

We also opted for the Premium Package which included all meals. Our meal included appetizer, main course, and dessert — delicious, but way too much food for us. The package allowed us to sample cuisine from different countries which was delightful. We were told the package now lets one make a choice of either the dessert or appetizer but not both.

AAA arranged for us to stay in Disney's Port Orleans. The accommodations were very nice. While transportation was available to different park locations, we drove our car. Our package permitted us to hop from one area to another; some plans allow access to one attraction per day. We sometimes attended attractions in one area and dined in a different area. While driving, we found that one either needs a good navigator or GPS to find your way around the grounds.

Perhaps the best show we saw at Disney World was on Friday at Cirque du Soleil. The show was worth every penny of the price of tickets. The theatrical performance contained acts from acrobatic to comedy. Jim's favorite act was the group of young Chinese girls who tossed barbell-shaped yo-yos.