John C. Campbell Folk School
Weaving with Painted Warps and Kaleidoscopes

Drying Skeins of Dyed Yarn

Elizabeth took a class at John C. Campbell Folk School on weaving with painted warps. The photo above and top banner show the warp skeins hung out to dry after the warps were painted with dye.

Photos below show the how these dyed threads are woven on looms and are turned into colorful fabric. This was a busy class since the warp thread had to be dyed and dried before weaving could commence. The weaving under her chin is her new shawl (after the fringe is cut and tied.)

Weaving With Hand-Dyed Yarn

Above can be seen a close-up of Elizabeth's weaving. Color intensity variations make for interesting effects. Close examination of the image will reveal a diamond-shape achieved on a four-harness loom. On one side of the future shawl more of the navy weft shows, and vice versa. At the close of the classes, students place their work on display with their names on a tag. This provides everyone with an example of what can be accomplished in a week at the folk school and is great for planning your next class.

While Elizabeth was weaving, Jim enrolled in his second kaleidoscope class at the folk school taught by the same instructor, Scott Cole. Below and on display are a number of scopes he made during the week. Pictured are scopes made from old trophies and even an old flashlight. Two marble scopes are on display. The scopes are displayed at the end of the program for everyone to look through using the window beyond for illumination. More on Jim's kaleidoscopes can be seen under Our Interests link at the top of the page.

Kaleidoscopes at John C. Campbell Folk School