3-Legged Race
Jarrell Plantation

Ol' Time Fourth of July at Jarrell Plantation

In the banner at the top of this page, young people are tieing their legs together in preparation for a three-legged race. The contestants also participated in a sack race and an egg toss.

Jarrell Plantation was owned by the same family for 140 years. Descendants donated the land for a state park in 1974. The farm at one time contained nearly 1,000 acres and was farmed by slaves. It contains a sawmill, cotton gin, gristmill, shingle mill, planer, sugar cane press, and syrup evaporator.

The cabin above is an early structure at Jarrell Plantation and served as the first State Park office. On the Fourth this is where Elizabeth sat and spun and perspired. The open window above was the air conditioning. Behind the cabin in the kitchen, visitors could enjoy fresh fried green tomatoes, cornbread and cookies. She did, however, enjoy talking to native Georgia folks. The language of spinning would seem universal.

Elizabth Spinning at Jarrell Plantation
Elizabeth Spins on Porch at Jarrell Plantation

Elizabeth joined with other members of a beginning spinning guild to volunteer and demonstrate their crafts during Ol' Time Fourth of July.

Jarrell Plantation Historic Site is located near Juliette, Georgia. More information about Jarrell Plantation can be found on Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites web pages.