Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream
at the Georgia National Fair

Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream

Everyone said that if we went to the Georgia National Fair that we had to try some peach cobbler (the unofficial "fair food" of Georgia). We didn't want to miss that one. The image above is our proof that we were there.

Georgia has both a Georgia State Fair and a Georgia National Fair. The State Fair started in the 1840s and by 1850s had moved to the grounds built for it in Macon. After 100 years the Fair had outgrown the grounds and a new facility was proposed. The new facility was built in Perry, Georgia, just south of our Georgia cottage. Since the State Fair's corporate stock had been owned by the Macon Chamber of Commerce since 1942 and was used by the Exchange Club of Macon as a fundraiser, another name had to be chosen for the new grounds, hence the Georgia National Fair.

We attended on Patriotic Day and entered free since Jim is retired military and Elizabeth is a Navy veteran.

How Many Varieties of Pecans Are There?

There were several pecan trees that dropped their fruit in the yard of our yellow house. Our biggest tree produced nuts that were not the best for cracking and eating, but apparently were preferred for topping off candy pieces because of their high oil content. We were told about several other varieties by neighbor Bill. There apparently are advantages of each. We had no idea there were so many varieties until we saw the above display at the fair.

There are over 500 different varieties of Pecans.

Wooden John Deere

A blue ribbon was rightfully awarded to the carver of this John Deere and implement.

Sheep Grooming
Couple Grooms a Sheep

This couple have a business of preparing sheep for showing. The sheep are sold for meat and not their wool so the idea is to show off the actual body of the animal. After trimming, the sheep is sprayed with hair spray to retain the felted look.