Restoration Projects

Dalton House
Ogden, UT
Ezell-Peavy House
Byron, GA
1954 John Deere 60

Jim restored this Second Empire house which is located at 2622 Madison Ave., Ogden, Utah. He worked on the home nearly full time for nine years. The structure is listed on The National Register of Historic Places as the John and Elizabeth Dalton Home.

This home, located in the National Historic District in Byron, Georgia, was the next undertaking of Jim and Elizabeth. The home had been abandoned for several decades. In the 1.5 years they worked on the project, they were able to stabilize most of the exterior, build an addition on the rear, and begin the new mechanicals. They sold the property December 2006.

This Model 60 John Deere tractor was purchased new in 1954 by Elizabeth's father. After remaining in the same family since, she acquired the 50 year old somewhat rusted iron from her brother in 2005. We are presently in process of restoring it.