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Point Pleasant Battle Monument

At this point on 10 October 1774, General Andrew Lewis and about 1,100 frontiersmen fought with an equal number of Native American Indians from the federated western tribes and under the command of Shawnee Chief Cornstalk. This 84-foot high granite monument commemorates the Battle of Point Pleasant. Lord Dunmore, the colonial governor of Virginia, apparently staged the battle in hopes the frontiersmen would be wiped out and prevent their involvement in the Revolutionary cause. The day-long battle ended in a draw and is claimed by some historians as being the first battle of the American Revolution.

While the town of Point Pleasant lies protected from the rivers by a floodwall, this park lies exposed to high waters during flood stage of the Ohio.

A few yards south of this monument lies the grave of "Mad Anne" Bailey, pioneer, woman soldier and border scout.

Mansion House built in 1796

Walter Newman built the Mansion House as a public inn. It is the oldest standing building on the Kanawha Valley. It is constructed of logs and contains colonial furniture as well as relics from the Battle of Point Pleasant. It was reported the first liquor sold in Mason County occurred here. Behind the house can be seen the bridge across the Ohio River which was constructed to replace the one that collapsed.