Elizabeth's Western New York Ancestors

Elizabeth's NY Genealogy
Schweyer (Swyers)

Western New York Ancestors

Elizabeth's immigrant ancestors came from England, Scotland, Alsace and Germany to America during the 1800s. The settled originally in Erie and Wyoming Counties, NY.

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St. John's Dutch Hollow Cemetery, Sheldon, NY

In the early 1800s a number of German immigrants settled in the western side of Sheldon Township, prompting the area to be named Dutch Hollow. By 1840 the first St. John's church had been built and before 1850 land was donated for a final resting place for members of the church.

The cemetery is located near the northwest corner of the intersection of Dutch Hollow and Centerline roads in Sheldon Township.

The link above will take you to a listing of the headstones that were found a few years ago. There are quite a few graphics so the page may take time to load with slower connections.


Historical Wyoming

A publication of the Wyoming County Historian’s Office

In September 1947, Harry S. Douglass, then Town of Arcade Historian published the first issue of Historical Wyoming.

The first five Volumes (September 1947 to July 1952) six issues were published per year.   With the beginning of Volume 6 in October 1952, a decision was made to reduce the number of issues per year from six to four. This helped to reduce the mailing costs.

From the first issue in the fall of 1947 until July 1968, the publications were assembled by the Arcade High School Commercial class. In 1968 the Arcade High School combined with another high school to create the Pioneer High School. The new school building was located in Erie County, so after 21 years, publication of the Historical Wyoming was discontinued.

July 1975 publication was resumed and has continued until today (2017). Over 260 issues contain such topics as cemetery inscriptions, folklore, Town histories, Village histories, memoirs of people and days of the past, war records, school records, life in pioneer days, etc.

Online resources:

Table of Contents for Volumes 1 to Volume 54 can be found here.

Some early issues can be found here.

A Topic Index can be found here.

Contact information for the Wyoming County Historian's Office and Wyoming County Town Historians can be found here.

Subscriptions to the Historical Wyoming are available at the Wyoming County Historian's Office.

Some recent copies of the Historical Wyoming are available on the Amazon website in a Kindle format


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