The image above was taken at a vintage tractor and engine show near Asheville, NC.

Photography has long been a favorite hobby of Jim and recently Elizabeth has taken to our digital camera. In fact we both have won awards in photography contests with our prints. Jim was given his first camera (a Brownie Hawkeye) in the 1950s by his cousin Kitty Skeels.

From the Hawkeye, Jim went into 35mm photography with an Argus C3. Because of the poor image quality obtained from the smaller negative size, he went back to 120 Kodak film with a folding Argus camera. He bought his first Nikon 35mm in 1967 and has used mostly that brand since. Some years ago he tried (and likes) square format with Hasselblad. In the 1990s Jim began to collect and use vintage cameras of all types, shapes and sizes. He likes them all. He even managed to study photography at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Then along came digital. Although they have a footlocker full of very nice film cameras from 4 x 5 inches to 35mm and lenses from 1000mm to 28mm, neither Jim or Elizabeth have taken a roll of film since they got their hands on their digital camera.

We have taken tens of thousands of photos with our digital camera. We recorded scenes from Seattle to Maine and from North Dakota to Florida. Several reasons we take pictures is to send as e-mail to our friends and relatives keeping them up-to-date with our whereabouts. We occasionally make prints to give to friends and remind ourselves of the great places we have visited and nice people we meet along the way.

It would be impractical for us to place on our website many of the pictures we take. In fact, there are probably better photos on the web of specific places, say Yellowstone, than we could take. So we will post on our site photos of places and things that we think are unique to us and in which visitors to our site might be interested and which we believe there is no duplication of effort.

Unless noted otherwise, all images on this web site were taken with a Nikon digital cameras including a 990, D300 and P5100. The images were processed using Adobe PhotoShop on a Macintosh computer. To be honest, many images were cropped, and the contrast and brightness were adjusted for best viewing. One of the main reasons for our website is to display our photography to our friends and family and who knows! You may copy the photographs for personal use, but if you do, I would appreciate a note and comment from you.